[TenTec] Radios suitable for mobile operation

Ben K8DIT benk8dit at callatg.com
Sat Aug 13 15:55:27 EDT 2005


Of the many mobile hams I know something about, the Scout gets picked fewer
times than not, but I don't understand why. Ive used the Scout mobile and
the NB is a necessary accessory cutting the automobile noises down alot. 7
S-Units on the lower bands. The Clear Speech Speaker is also a QSO saver,
though not necessary when condx are gud. Ive used mine in a Toyata Corolla
for 5 years and is now in my Rav4.

I use Outbackers and Hamsticks for ants on a magnet mount on the roof of the
vehicle. I also use a Metron SS amp when 50 watts just doesnt allow being
heard. The 50 watts works well for driving the amp to most of the amp's
rated power. The average power draw is 35 amps which is never a problem for
the car's alternator/battery. No need for ancillary battery power. You must
however be running the engine when transmitting in order to expect

I did have the Scout back to TT for service earlier this year and learned
there was a minor problem, but easiy repaired. The other problem over time
includes resetting the molex connectors when I notice instability in the
receiver's ability to maintain stability. My conclusion is that the Scout is
a worthy rig for long term mobiling.

As you've noted all rigs have limitations and knowing what they are is key
to successful ops. The Scout is the smallest, simplest and prettiest of the
choices. Your mileage may vary.

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