[TenTec] Radios suitable for mobile operation

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If I were you, I'd hook up a radio temporarily and use a sniffer antenna
around the glove box and firewall before beginning a permanent installation.
I've seen a couple of Jeeps that generated so much computer white noise that
mobile op was impossible.  Noise blanker wouldn't touch it.

Phil Chambley, Sr.
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> Hi Ten Tec Users,
> I have been doing a little research on radios that might fill a role in a
mobile operating environment. In looking over the various resources it
becomes clear all the radios seem to have a problem. I note that even the
venerable IC 706 has problems on certain frequencies. Since this will be for
occassional use, I do not require something with a lot of bells and
> That choice really becomes very narrow. I have had both an Argosy II and a
Scout. I never used these mobile but both of those rigs had limitations. I
think the Scout likes to see more than 13 volts and of course the well known
CW problem. Both had the noise blanker option and I must admit the Scout
seemed to do a pretty fair job on local noise albeit not in an automobile.
So the question: Those of you that run mobile and considering these two rigs
which would be better between the two. Secondly based on that selection am I
kidding myself that hardly any radio works in the mobile environment. The
intended home will be a Jeep Wrangler.
> Thanks for any help --Glad also to see the heat has cooled down on the
Orion II. I do have a Triton IV but it is too big for the Jeep.
> Pete W6JFR
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