OTAKEBI@aol.com OTAKEBI at aol.com
Wed Aug 17 15:54:41 EDT 2005

Ed, I used the JB Weld about two years ago on a Corsair II bandswitch knob  
that did the Ten Tec split.
I only had one good knob left so I filled the split knob just like you did  
with JB Weld.
It has had two years of hard use and has not split again.
I called Ten Tec and told them that they needed to tell anyone that bought  a 
replacement knob to fill it with JB Weld before putting it on the rig.
Seems the JB Weld acts as a metal sleeve does on a well designed  knob.
I fill all Ten Tec high stress knobs with the stuff and recommend that  
others do as well.
If you have a Ten Tec rig your knobs will split.
It is just a matter of time due to a bad, cheap design.
By the way I still have my new backup knob, which has been filled, for  
future use, if needed.
I have never had to replace the repaired split knob.

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