[TenTec] Corsair II - Problems

Giorgio Santantonio g.santantonio at cgtelemar.com
Mon Aug 22 04:16:10 EDT 2005

Dear Friends,
I bought a second hand transceiver Corsair II, working fine with some minor problems that I'd like to fix, with your help, if it's possible. Below the list of fault I noted:

- Internal Electronic Keyer: It's not possible to regulate it in the low speed range. Up to about 9 o'clock of speed control position the keyer speed remain unchanged, after that all work fine

- Frequency display: frequency readout is very unstable between 18.000 and 18.100 MHz

- Spot pushbutton: pushing this button the received frequency in about 1 KHz far from the selected Tx frequency. Probably this is normal to zero beat in CW mode, but what about SSB?

- Optional filters: the filters in the third slot (250 Hz passband in CW) reduce drastically the receiver sensitivity. 

I'd appreciate any help and suggestions you can give me to fix the above problems.
Best Regards
Giorgio Santantonio - IZ0DIO

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