[TenTec] FW: 565 Orion v2.0 firmware released to beta

CATFISHTWO@aol.com CATFISHTWO at aol.com
Thu Aug 25 19:05:04 EDT 2005

Silly me, I actually think Ten Tec, is going to address some of the issues  
of the origonal Orion with the  ver 2 upgrade . I am not a long time  user  of 
TT equipment, but they have answered the phone, mailed what I  ordered, and 
answered my questions,.
It is also amazing how much better the Orion works as I gain experience  with 
it. Why I have not had to do a reset on it in 2 months, now thay I under  
stand it better, I guess the Orion has a higher learning curve and is able  to 
figure out what I want now, as opposed to earlier.  I know I am  perfect so it 
could not have been ME !!..
I guess we will have to see who is right, foolish me who thinks that Ten  Tec 
will continue to do the right thing, or the nay sayers on the list who feel  
they are let down because TT made a new radio.. we shall see..
In a message dated 8/25/2005 3:51:41 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,  
cgerarden at atomix.com writes:

Who on  this reflector actually thinks and believes there is a large 
network of  Beta testers that are testing version 2.0 software for
ORION I? I would  agree there are probably a number of people testing the 
Orion II.   Call me cynical, but O I owners are going to be left twisting 
in the wind.  Oh sure they can take the latest 1.372 ( or what ever the 
last release was  ) and slap a 2.0 on it , but an actual an improvement 
in the interface  speed and and real bug fixes are probably not possible 
due to processor  limitations. Face it, O I was an experimental radio and 
O I owners are the  test subjects. O2 has the hardware that supports what 
they said the  radio  could really do. My O I works except for occasional 
crashes or  lockups, but I will not be upgrading to O II. Actions speak 
louder than  words and I am waiting for that action that TT has promised 
for O I   owners ( actually I don't think TT has promised anything more 
for O I  owners, some people on the list just think O II technology will 
fix O I  defects. seems we have list members making promises for  TT!!!)


>Also, I would contend that beta testing an  Orion requires considerably more

>technical expertise than testing a  release of AOL's software. How many Orion
>owners out there have  spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, frequency counters,
>etc., and know  how to use them? How would the average Orion owner react to
>significant  problems with a beta test version? IMHO, not well.

>Dick's  Right. After all, how many Hams who spend $3000+ on a rig know how  
>use, let alone own a frequency counter, or an oscilloscope?   I'm sure these
>tools are constantly being used by the valiant Beta  Testers struggling
>against insurmountable odds to evaluate the latest  version of a software
>upgrade on a hardware platform that will not be  changed.

>I certainly cannot speak for all "average" Orion owners,  but I know that in
>my life, when faced with significant problems, I  have found that kicking the
>dog, sucking my thumb, and hiding in the  closet seem to help.

>Thank you Dick for protecting me from  myself.  If I were a Beta Tester, I
>might do something wrong, and  have to do a Master Reset on the Orion, which,
>without a spectrum  analyzer, I would not have the technical expertise to
>perform, and  would have to send the rig back to the factory.

>I propose that  since Dick is clearly so much more qualified than the
>"average" Orion  owner, he implement and promulgate standards and practices
>for Beta  Testers.  Of course, with such work and responsibility, I think  we

>should give Dick in the recognition he has so obviously  earned.  I think we
>should all recognize him for what he is, a  Master Beta Tester.

Paul Rubin N8NOV


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