[TenTec] Orion v2.0

Max Maxwell k5pp at orx.com
Fri Aug 26 12:30:17 EDT 2005

I had the pleasure of attending W4PN's excellent presentation on Ten  
Tec and the Orion (II) at the Texas DX meeting recently.  He did not  
spend much time talking about differences between the Orion and the  
Orion II, since except for the color screen this is a marginal  
upgrade, with NO difference in receiver performance.  I was glad to  
hear that TT has a supply of parts (including Orion processors) and  
future repairs won't be a problem.  The real upgrade will be v2.0,  
and Scott appeared to be very pleased with his alpha testing.  As for  
beta testers having an Orion II to work with, he said TT would not  
even let HIM take one home.
73 Max K5PP

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