[TenTec] Argosy II Help on Optional filters

Giorgio Santantonio g.santantonio at cgtelemar.com
Fri Aug 26 12:28:54 EDT 2005

Dear Friends,
I need an help for an Argosy II TxRx, I recently bought second hand. 
The eqt. came with 2 optional filters board, one into IF/AF module and the other one into RF/Mixer module, but I'm not able to define witch filters they are.
- The only mark on the filters PCB is M 6840, same on both filters PCB, but the filter are not (I suppose) identical.
- Both filters are composed by 8 Xtals
I suppose the filter on RF/Mixer board can be the mod. 220, but I'm not sure.
I have no idea if the filter on IF/AF board is the mod.217, 218 or 219.
I can't switch on the radio, because it need some repairs before.
How can I define witch filters are they?
Thank you for your support and 73 de IZ0DIO - Giorgio

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