[TenTec] Orion v2.0

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Fri Aug 26 16:06:35 EDT 2005

Don Rasmussen wrote:
> What do you mean "he said TT would not even let HIM
> take one home."???
> Scott IS Ten Tec. 

I have to smile at that one - but really, Jack Burchfield is Ten-Tec.

> He won't allow even himself to take one home?

I'm trying to discipline myself.  Actually, that's not true - the 
engineering staff has a monopoly on Orion II time at present.

> Not to stir up any discontent, but does any one else
> sense the possibility of a conspiracy here? ;-)
> I'll give odds on one thing - that by Fall contest
> time Scott DOES have an Orion II at home...

To borrow and use, sure, but not yet one that's "mine".  I'll take home 
the demo Orion II rig that we'll have in the lobby radio room for 
contests like I've done for the original Orion.  I have to wait until 
the demand subsides before I'll have one myself - with the original 
Orion it took almost a year.  The hard part will be deciding which of 
the Omni-VI Plus or Orion are going to have to hit the road when I get 
the new one.  Probably the Omni-VI Plus.

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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