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 loly moley

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> What do you mean "he said TT would not even let HIM
> take one home."???
> Scott IS Ten Tec. 
> He won't allow even himself to take one home?
> Not to stir up any discontent, but does any one else
> sense the possibility of a conspiracy here? ;-)
> I'll give odds on one thing - that by Fall contest
> time Scott DOES have an Orion II at home...
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> Subject:  [TenTec] Orion v2.0 
> Gentlemen,
> I had the pleasure of attending W4PN's excellent
> presentation on Ten Tec and the Orion (II) at the
> Texas DX meeting recently.  He did not  
> spend much time talking about differences between the
> Orion and the Orion II, since except for the color
> screen this is a marginal upgrade, with NO difference
> in receiver performance.  I was glad to hear that TT
> has a supply of parts (including Orion processors) and
> future repairs won't be a problem.  The real upgrade
> will be v2.0, and Scott appeared to be very pleased
> with his alpha testing.  As for beta testers having an
> Orion II to work with, he said TT would not  
> even let HIM take one home.
> 73 Max K5PP
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