[TenTec] INRAD Omni VI roofing filter kit - success

Rick and Karen Bunn RRBunn at cox.net
Sun Jan 16 15:35:00 EST 2005

Would this kit work in the Corsair II or the Paragon II?

73 Rick 

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N6KB wrote:
"I understand why someone with a non plus or version 3 upgraded Omni VI
would want the Inrad modification, in order to get another narrow 1st IF
filter option."

The "non plus" Omni VI has only one NAR filter switch, which can be either
on or off, so options are limited.  I have my Inrad roofing filter hooked up
so that it is switched in along with my downstream 9 MHz IF filter, when the
NAR switch is engaged.  The only way to gain another option would be to keep
the NAR switch hooked up as-is (which is tempting as there is little slack
in the cable), and hard-wiring the relay on the roofing filter to V+, so
that it is engaged as soon as the rig is turned on. The disadvantage of
doing it this way would be that your mode options would be limited by the
bandwidth of the new roofing filter.

With the VI+, or Opt. 3, two NAR switches are available (one additional bit
of information), so there are four possible switch combinations to provide
filtering "options."


Chuck  NI0C
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