[TenTec] Top 10 with mouse only controls - WAS: "End of an Era"

Bill Tippett btippett at alum.mit.edu
Sat Aug 19 10:16:33 EDT 2006

 > A contest like the Sprint is even more demanding of
 > agility, where you must QSY every other QSO, with
 > winners hitting rates approaching 100/hour over the
 > 4 hour duration.

 >Here I bet a properly done UI could easily beat knobs and
buttons. Note that there aren't any properly done UI's yet.
So instead of sitting on the sidelines grousing that SDR and
software controls can't be made better than traditional knobs
and buttons try spending some time actually trying to think
about ways that it could be done so that it would work
better. I'm sure that the ways are out there, even for HF,
but only thinking in terms of how it has always been done
won't get you there.

         N6TR is the author of TRLog, probably the most
popular Sprint SO2R software among winners (especially so
since Tree is also often the winner!)


Tree also holds the current Sprint QSO record (427 Qs)
using two of those latest SDR rigs...the TS-850S.  ;-)

         Give SDR a few more years...meanwhile back to
a human interface that has been proven over many years.
Someone please wake me when an SDR makes the Top Ten in
a major category of any WRTC qualifying contest.

                                         73,  Bill  W4ZV

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