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Rob and others.  If you're interested in more on the LED change out, I put a
write-up (LED Pilot Lamps) on my website a couple of years ago.  The bulbs I
replaced at that time included the 14 volt lamps in the Hercules II.  They
are still going strong!  (Next time I'm inside though I may reduce the value
of the dropping resistor and brighten them a bit.  I guess I'm getting



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A few weeks ago i performed periodic maintenance on my Centurion.  this 
consists of blowing it out and swapping the tubes for spares to give them 
some on time.  One of the meter lamps was out.  These are 14 v. 80 ma. rated

lamps as I recall.  An exact replacement was unavailable at radio shack.  I 
could have ordered some by mail but I didn't want the amp sitting around 
with the cover off--I wanted to get it back in service and not have to undo 
everything a few days later to put in the lamp.   I got the idea to try a 
LED with a resistor to drop the v. down.  It turned out radio shack had 
LED/resistor packages, for example an amber one rated for 14 v. and 20 ma.

I didn't want to be real invasive about it, so I broke off the glass on the 
burnt out lamp and soldered the LED package to the filament wires on the 
base of the broken lamp and potted them with epoxy.  After it dried, i 
plugged the LED into the lamp socket, positioned it behind the meter, and 
put everything back together.

It worked, but the amber LED is too dim to really make much difference 
through the opaque scale plastic behind the meter arm.   So the concept is 
valid, but an extremely bright white LED is needed.  I plan to keep working 
on this the next time I have the Centurion cover off, because I'd rather go 
the LED route than keep replacing those little incandescent bulbs.

rob / k5uj

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