[TenTec] S meter and RF gain

Barry LaZar k3ndm at arrl.net
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	The issue IS what is the true S meter reading when applying changes to
system gain with the RF gain control. S9 is supposed to be 50 microvolts
across the receiver input. By changing gain with no other indication, what
will be the S meter be telling you?
	It appears to me that Tentec is maintaining calibration of the S meter with
RF gain control changes. Therefore, when the S meter moves up with
decreasing gain this will indicate where the receiver begins to hear. This
has meaning. Comments?

73 all,

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I guess I started all of this discussion based on my observations of my
friend's new Orion II as compared to my original Orion.

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but as a radio consumer with a
software defined radio here is what I want in the new original Orion V 2.0
update (whenever it comes out) (grin).

I want the S meter and the RF gain control to work just as in the current V
1.372 but with whatever new stuff Ten Tec has decided to add.

That is, I want to see the true S meter reading independent of the setting
of the RF gain control.  I like being able to see the strength of the signal
stay the same while decreasing the RF gain to eleminate band noise.

Just my preference I guess....I like the current version of 1.372 for my
original Orion.

                                    73, Joe W2KJ

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