[TenTec] Orion II and other $$$ deliveries

Steve Baron - KB3MM SteveBaron at StarLinX.com
Sun Feb 12 18:17:30 EST 2006

8sidering ORION"S price uhey shou;ld have used a foamed pack[ng ike the omni
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> I gotta grin at the UPS stories regarding the Orion II deliveries.
> Especially when you bring up economics.
> Now, you fellows that can fork out that kind of coin for a hobby obviously
> don't have many money issues.  Na Na na na na.... DON'T even THINK of
> hitting the reply button.  You don't.  Period.
> Still, I don't risk things costing a quarter of your beautiful, new, Orion
> II being sent to my house.  I don't exactly live in the ghetto, but why
> the poor delivery guy two more chances to drop it?
> Unless you are many miles away from a UPS/FedEx delivery center, you might
> try my approach.  I always have expensive items held for me to pick up in
> person.  Our delivery center is not too far out of my way on the drive
> plus I get the thing a whole day earlier in MANY cases, and the same day
> the worse.  No yellow stickies on the door saying they will try again
> tomorrow.  No running out of time on busy days.  No frantic pacing in the
> driveway.
> :-)
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