[TenTec] FW: 2054

Gosfield geoff at gosfield.org.uk
Sun Feb 19 02:44:24 EST 2006

Re Brent's (N9HZ) comments, I have also found problems with loss of audio
when coming out of transmit, this time it's on the AUX output terminal.

See below all problems experienced so far.........
MIC gain appears to be increased compared to Version 1.372.
With Speech Processing (SP) OFF the value with a Heil BM10 headset
mic and an ADONIS AM508 desk mic is now between a value of 12 to 20
(according to selected band) for ALC function on speech peaks at a
power level of 100 watts. SP (Speech processing) turned OFF.
(Previous with Ver 1.372 the MIC values were in range of 20 to 40.

Speech Processing (SP) is NOT USABLE.
Both with mic values quoted above and attenuated mic input signals
so that MIC adjustment is in centre of range (i.e. value of 50)
even selecting a SP value of "1" transmission is completely
This is NOT due to RF feedback but just that audio gain appears to
increase to some very high value as soon as SP is turned ON.
This has not been the case with Ver 1.372 which I have been using
with a value SP of 1-2 since delivery of this radio, also with previous
version amount of processing seemed to increase gradually with each value
from 1-9, new version just seems to be ON or OFF.

AUX audio output much lower than with Ver 1.372
Have had to increase the internal patch links within the MixW
RigExpert interface to "HIGH" setting to obtain sufficient audio for
the MixW software to function correctly.
Have been using this MixW interface with this radio since new with
Ver 1.372 on the default "MID" gain setting without any problem.

AUX audio output level reduces drastically when switching back to receive
When switching between transmit and receive on PSK the AUX audio
output level from the ORION drops to an extremely low value.
The only way to get back to the correct level is to "REBOOT" the

Very much like some of the new functions but I have gone back to 1.372 until
things are more stable.

Geoff Stokes  -  G0BYH

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