[TenTec] Argosy II Mods

Ed w3nr at comcast.net
Mon Feb 27 11:27:02 EST 2006

Mike, thanks for the info. I had already checked the websites. I was 
looking for some user input. I need to knock down the 20 and 30 over 
signals on 40/80. And the AGC "pop" is murder on the ears.


Mike Hyder -N4NT- wrote:
> I put an RF gain control in/on a 525D.  The circuit diagram for the 
> modification was provided by Ten-Tec.  I just mounted it externally for my 
> test.  The thing was totally unsatisfactory -- as I recall, it somehow 
> messed up the metering and maybe the QSK.  I couldn't get rid of it fast 
> enough.  I never put any other modifications in the rig but have it fully 
> loaded with all options.  The biggest improvement I noticed was when I 
> substituted the model 220 eight pole SSB filter in place of the stock four 
> pole filter.
> About Embedded Research...  As I understand it, their audio filter for the 
> Argosy was made under license from Ten-Tec.  It was a high quality clone --  
> it even looked as if the circuit board was identical to the original.  One 
> had to mount all the components (which were included with the kit) onto the 
> board.  I built one and was ever so glad that I had an original to go by --  
> it made knowing what to put where even easier.
> Embedded Research may yet be around but in a different line of business now. 
> They may have some boards laying about.  You might be able to research it 
> and find callsigns that will take you to someone who knows about it.
> 73, Mike N4NT
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> I have the 525D and need to see if I can find the correct info on curing
> the AGC "pop". So far, the candidates are C28 C30 and C40. C28 seems
> more reasonable, but can anyone tell me for sure. I've already looked at
> the unofficial site and googled.
> If you have done the RF Gain mod, where did you put the control. I'm
> thinking of using the Notch , as I rarely if ever use the Notch filter.
> Any suggestions.
> I know this might be a lost cause, but does anyone have the Audio
> Filter. ? Embedded Research used to make a clone, but I guess they are
> out of business, as I had no luck finding a website. TIA  73
> Ed W3NR 
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