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Douglas Shock douglas.shock at gmail.com
Tue May 2 17:45:47 EDT 2006

Thanks for the laugh Grant...I needed that disclaimer.

the difference is that the NR seems much more aggressive. And, you may be
onto something with the distortion.

Disclaimer: No...you can't have my Orion II

On 5/2/06, Grant Youngman <nq5t at comcast.net> wrote:
> >
> > The NR does still add raspiness to the CW signal but it seems
> > to greatly reduce background noise more so than 2.032.
> Could just be AGC settings, or the characteristics of today's noise.  A
> quick check at the behavior on a spectrum analyser with a constant carrier
> signal in the passband doesn't show anything significantly different from
> previous releases.
> I've also come to think that what sounds like a bit of raspiness is
> actually
> the noise in the passband varying at the same rate as the signal.  With no
> signal, it sounds quiet.  WITH signal, the noise comes back up.  So what
> you
> hear is "quiet background, noisy dit, quiet background, noisy dash", etc.
> It's fairly easy to adjust a waterfall display to show this effect quite
> clearly on CW.  I think (maybe) that it's the varying background noise
> creating an illusion of "distortion".  Not 100% on that, but it's today's
> wild conjecture.  It may also be what causes the sense of some distortion
> on
> SSB when NR is active, although it's hard to see anything very conclusive
> on
> a dynamic SSB signal.
> Might deserve a closer look.
> Disclaimer:  I do not hate my Orion II.  I am not bashing the Orion
> II.  My
> Orion II is not for sale.  I'm only feeling the side of something large,
> gray, and hairy in an attempt to figure out what it is, and maybe learn
> something in the process.
> Grant/NQ5T
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