[TenTec] Mobile CW

Duane A Calvin ac5aa at juno.com
Sat May 27 16:09:10 EDT 2006

It just amazes me how a thread on this reflector can start on one subject
and morph into another!  That said, it also amazes me when someone claim
to copy faster than 20 WPM and isn't copying in their head.  How does
that work?  I can't write faster than 20m wpm, and even that is pushing
it a bit.  Doing mobile CW can only be done with head copy.  For me 25-35
wpm range works fine.  Oh well, guess I'm contributing to continuing
morph of this thread!

By the way, getting back to the original question, from all the responses
I got on mobile paddles, I asked both on the CTDXCC and TenTec reflectors
and got the most positive responses on the Palm Mini-Paddle (available
through Milestone Technologies - www.morsex.com - enter that one
carefully!).  I've ordered one to check it out.  Positive features were
small size making it easy to mount, and adjustable spring tensioning and
spacing on each paddle individually.  I should be able to adjust it for
good sending - I hope.

        73,  Duane

Duane Calvin, AC5AA
Austin, Texas


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