[TenTec] Omni VI+ Keying Question

Don and Diana Cunningham wb5hak at duracom.net
Sun Oct 1 19:04:37 EDT 2006

Hi again,
On my recently acquired Omni VI+, I am experiencing problems keying my 
TL-922A amp.  The amp has been modified so that the keying line requires 
sinking only 10 VDC @ 10 ma, so a relay should handle it easily!  I have 
turned the relay on in the menu, but either "on" or "off", the line is keyed 
all the time.  Unplugging the cable unkeys the amp, so the cable is not 
shorted.  Cable also works fine with the Orion II.  Is there something 
common I should look for, or is it Ten Tec service calling time??  I just 
don't want to overlook something obvious before calling Paul.  Loving the 
rig so far!!
Don, WB5HAK 

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