[TenTec] [Orion] More ramblings about 2.059d firmware

Joe Giacobello k2xx at swva.net
Tue Sep 19 11:31:40 EDT 2006

It's interesting to hear the our different impressions regarding the NR 
on the 1.372 and 2.056 firmware.  On my Orion they always seemed to 
markedly increase the noise rather than reduce it.  They behaved 
completely different from 2.059d and were unusable.

I have not tried 1.373b5 yet.  Maybe I'll  take a look tonight.

73, Joe

Pfizenmayer wrote:
> Same here - the redeeming value of the ver 2 stuff for me is that at least 
> my Orion does not glitch - it is stome cold stable with any version above 
> 2.054. I don't know how guys get away with the 1.3XXX versions - MY O will 
> just not tolerate them - I like how 1.372 works  for a lot of reasons - but 
> in the past two weeks I have gone to several versions of 1.3xx and it is 
> just so unstable I cannot trust it - NOW I ADMIT  I am bull headed and use 
> the sweep - but so be it.
>  I think in my case the NR just does very little for me because I operate CW 
> with bandwidths at 100 to 200 cycles 99 percent of the time. And if we take 
> W4ZV's analysis - once you force narrow bandwidths , the NR has little to 
> improve on.
> I have been toying with looking at whether I could grab the 14 khz IF signal 
> by just unplugging a cable and making a little external symmetrical clipper 
> I could adjust with external controls - to clip the 14 khz stuff before it 
> gets to the DSP and see what that does on CW. I may be nuts - that might 
> generate all sort of IMD products .
>  I did find one case listening on 75 SSB the other evening  with 2.4 khz BW 
> and found with NR at 1 and RF gain wide open - about 0.8 sec hang and 5 
> db/sec decay - backing off the threshold to  just about ambient noise 
> level - the guys I was listening to were Q5 and noise essentially dead 
> quiet - some distortion but tolerable. They were from right at the noise to 
> two S units above my noise at S7. But its very critical and hard to 
> duplicate again - so dunno .
> 73 de Hank K7HP
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>> Gary, I have to agree with you.
>> I originally posted that the NR was working better than ever, but with
>> more experience now, I see that it is clipping weak signals badly,
>> especially in high QRN conditions.  With stronger signals, it does
>> substantially reduce noise and behaves similarly to my the Dynamic Peak
>> feature on my JPS-12 audio DSP unit. On weak signals, I have
>> experimented with a range of AGC settings without success, but I'm still
>> working on it.
>> 73, Joe
>> K2XX
>> Gary Tuck wrote:
>>> Set the AGC slope to 2:10 and played for a while.  The Spot volume
>>> didn't seem excessively loud as it did when I first tried it.  I
>>> listened on SSB today and the NR does seem to improve things
>>> considerably.
>>> On CW, though, I am disappointed.  I did some A/B switching with an
>>> Omni VI+ and the latter often sounded much cleaner on weak signals.
>>> The v2.059d NR is unusable to me as it causes so much distortion.  At
>>> higher settings, it wipes out weak and moderate signals altogether.
>>> I could not find an occasion where it improved copy regardless of
>>> settings (AGC slope, Hang, Decay, NR, RFgain).  Definitely increased
>>> fatigue.
>>> Gary W7TEA
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