[TenTec] Heil headset for Orion II

Gary Strong gjstrong at comcast.net
Sat Feb 3 13:55:38 EST 2007

As everyone has said, the Yaesu cable works but does not ground the unit per
Ten Tec specs.  Yausu connects both ptt ground and mic ground together, so 3
wires are used from rig end of connector to mic end.  Ten tec specs that the
ptt ground is separate from the mic ground, AND that the ptt ground is used
for the shell of the microphone.

Heil makes this mod available in their Yaesu cables, however up until last
week they were doing the mod incorrectly.  They were tying the mic
ground/shield to the mic shell.  While most hams would never notice the
difference, I live by a very strong AM radio station.  Hence, I had AM radio
in my SSB audio (see my earlier post on this).

I took the mic end apart and disconnected the mic ground and re-connected
the ptt ground to the mic shell and everything now works great.  I called
Heil on Friday and they basically said OOPs!  They are now going to change
their cables to match the correct Orion II wiring.

Hope this all makes sense, and if not I'd be glad to explain further.


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I getting ready to order a Heil Headset for my Orion II but I only see an 
adaptor for a 4 pin mic which will work on my Omni VI+. Is there an 8 pin 
adaptor for the Orion II? Heil's web site does not list one.
Wayne N2WK 

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