[TenTec] Orion Sweep,audio, etc...

Randy Hargenrader k4qo at earthlink.net
Wed May 9 10:35:00 EDT 2007


For another side of the table, so to speak....

I find the latest version (2.060) a good performer.  Stability using all 
the functions of the radio without tiptoeing around the knobs is 
important to me. 

I use the sweep display constantly.  I find it quite useful for a number 
of reasons.  It is an important feature for me.  Could it be better?  Of 
course.  Is it useless?  Not by any stretch of the imagination.

I get excellent (unsolicited) transmitted audio reports, I have no 
trouble getting the ALC light to indicate with an "inside voice" (mic 
setting 40) and I have no trouble driving the Alpha.  I don't use any 
outboard audio treatments, my microphone has a Shure 444D element.  (I'm 
not into HiFiSSB, obviously.)

I use the internal keyer exclusively except in contests when I use the 
logging program F keys to send the canned messages.  I have had no 
issues with the internal keyer.

I agree that the audio levels and the NR are different from the the 
previous version slightly, but I find the NR does work under conditions 
where it would be appropriate.  It does work better with certain AGC 
settings, generally slow time constants.  I don't use it that much since 
I control noise with the RF gain control.

TenTec has more to do with the various items on the bug/feature list, 
but I think 2.060 a great step in the right direction.  Several items 
have be corrected already and I look forward to additional updates. 


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