[TenTec] Ford vehicle RF noise.

Paul Gates, KD3JF pearly732003 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 1 12:39:09 EDT 2007

Now if we could ever get the noise out of the MKIIG at the shack at home!!

Arthur Trampler <atrampler at att.net> wrote: I run the 706MKIIG in my 2000 Taurus and thought I did not have a noise 
problem...but in reality it was the NB on the 706 masking it.

My solution was to bond all doors, hood and trunk to frame; tailpipe in two 
places; engine, transmission and alternator where it's attached, and I put 
ferrite cores on the fuel pump line and spark plugs.

End result?  Took noise from the car from probably S7 or 8 (again, never 
noticed it due to effective, but of course somewhat distorting NB) to NIL, 
zip, nadda.  So now I can work (in the absence of line noise) without the NB 
or DSP noise reduction which of course helps the RX overall in the presence 
of strong signals.

Art, KC2G

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>I did most of the grounding mentioned here on our Chevrolet's and Ford 
>stationwagons in the 70s, and 80s. I have no noise problems with my Impala 
>or Astrovan. The noise blanker and DSP on the 706  will take care of 
>it. I have the 706MKIIG and it probably has the worst receiver ever made 
>hands down! But, it seems to work better in the car than at home.
> Paul
> Bill Harris  wrote: Besides tailpipe grounding,  we 
> grounded the engine hood on both sides. We even went as far as a shielded 
> ignition.  Also, coaxial by-pass capacitors on the 12 volt generator. 
> (this is a few years back)  The alternator can be troublesome as well. 
> Installed grounding devices that went in the axel hub caps and  injected a 
> powder that prevented static build up in the tires.  Ohoo yeah,,,ground 
> straps between the chassis and frame (each side).  All this to get the 
> noise floor down for operation on the 40mHz FM band.  I would expect the 
> vehicles of today are noiser with all the computers on board.
> Gud Luck.
> Carry-on
> BillHarris w7kxb
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>  Ford has stopped doing this as a TSP?  It worked great on my 2002 F-150 
> (for
>  the fuel pump  noise, anyway).  Took the overall noise from S9+20 down to
>  S9.  Grounding the tailpipe took the noise down to S6.  A few things I've
>  tried after that haven't helped much.  Mostly ignition noise left now.
>  Duane
>  Duane Calvin, AC5AA
>  Austin, Texas
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>  The Ford fuel pump RFI filter produces mixed results and requires
>  dropping the tank because the filter is installed right at the pump. A
>  better way (IMHO) is to cut into the pump wiring at the nearest
>  connector (about 2 feet from the tank) and installing coaxial type
>  feedthrough capacitors. You can find more info at
>  http//www.4x4central.com in the ham radio forum.
>  73,
>  Bob WB2VUF
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