[TenTec] bill orr article

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at hawaiiantel.net
Sun Feb 1 15:39:01 EST 2009

> it is possible to mount a 1:1 balun just outside and run coax 
> into the building. The swr on the coax will be high, depending on band, 
> antenna length, and feedline length, but if the coax is kept short and 
> is of good quality, the losses will be low, certainly much lower than 
> the  68-70 feet of RG-8X or RG-58, commonly used with G5RV antennas.
Yes you can do this and it will work. What will the loss through the 
balun be when the load is highly reactive? Probably greater than the 
loss through the same balun when the feed line appears as a resistive load.

Is a 1:1 balun the best choice here? Maybe for frequencies where the 
dipole is near resonance ( odd multiples of half wavelengths long, not 
the resonances at even multiples ) and the open wire feed line is a 
multiple of half wavelengths long. At other frequencies maybe not.

Running open wire feed line from the outdoors to the indoors does 
require some additional problem solving skills, compared to using coax. 
In many cases it is not really that hard to do, and worthwhile. I'm sure 
glad I am a homeowner and no longer a renter. Makes a big difference 
when it comes to drilling holes.


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