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Open wire through GLASS ........... now there's an OXYMORON :-)

Get tape and a carbide tipped drill bit ! I used 1/ 16 I think.

Water on the bit and drill the tape marked spot on the glass at about the 
ladder line spacing.

Feed #18 tined wire through the window and solder the open wire to it inside 
and outside.

Find a way to tie off the outside open wire to take the strain off the 
glass. I tied off to a metal clothes pole with a couple of strings, leave a 
drip loop too. I use a knife switch inside to ground the mess. Yes, there 
are other ways but this has worked well for me. I think MFJ has a panel you 
can shut the window on. Might work too ?

Walt K8CV Royal Oak, MI.

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>> it is possible to mount a 1:1 balun just outside and run coax
>> into the building. The swr on the coax will be high, depending on band,
>> antenna length, and feedline length, but if the coax is kept short and
>> is of good quality, the losses will be low, certainly much lower than
>> the  68-70 feet of RG-8X or RG-58, commonly used with G5RV antennas.
> Yes you can do this and it will work. What will the loss through the
> balun be when the load is highly reactive? Probably greater than the
> loss through the same balun when the feed line appears as a resistive 
> load.
> Is a 1:1 balun the best choice here? Maybe for frequencies where the
> dipole is near resonance ( odd multiples of half wavelengths long, not
> the resonances at even multiples ) and the open wire feed line is a
> multiple of half wavelengths long. At other frequencies maybe not.
> Running open wire feed line from the outdoors to the indoors does
> require some additional problem solving skills, compared to using coax.
> In many cases it is not really that hard to do, and worthwhile. I'm sure
> glad I am a homeowner and no longer a renter. Makes a big difference
> when it comes to drilling holes.
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