[TenTec] OT RG-58 loss

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at hawaiiantel.net
Sun Feb 1 15:39:32 EST 2009

> P. S.   Love the example given of 250 foot of rg-58 measuring 50 ohms
> impedance even with nothing connected to it or with a short circuit.  Its
> true - and kinda funny.
I used to make an annual "fade margin" test of emergency warning sirens
activated by 150 MHz RF. The procedure was to add 10 or 20 dB loss
(don't remember which it was) in the 100 watt transmitter feed line, and
see how many of the sirens out in the field still got their counters
incremented by test code sequences. The attenuator used was a coil of
RG-58 cut to the length needed for the loss desired. It was not a very
long piece of RG-58.


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