[TenTec] logikey

Carter k8vt at ameritech.net
Tue Feb 3 08:38:24 EST 2009

Glenn AE0Q wrote:

>  I've had the Super CMOS III (kit version of the K5) for 13 years and
>  also the older K4 that they sold..  They are great keyers and work
>  well with almost any radio.  They both have anough memories for any
>  contesting, and are very smooth with any paddle.  Can't recommend one
>  highly enough!!

What he said!  <grin>

I've been using the Super CMOS III keyer  (built in to my WBL paddle) 
for half a dozen years and also can't recommend one highly enough. I'm 
using it with the Omni VI, but I can't see why it wouldn't work with the 
Orion or any other modern rig.

If the keyer has a "fault", it's too many options: emulates 10 different 
keyers, contest serial numbers, multiple messages, message "nesting", 
compensation for transmitter character shortening, etc, etc.

Try it. I think you will really enjoy it.

Carter   K8VT

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