[TenTec] RF Clipper

Doug Turnbull turnbull at net1.ie
Tue Feb 3 16:32:14 EST 2009

Hi All,

     I for one am most interested in the new RF clipper.   In the late
seventies and early eighties I ran a Magnum Six RF flipper with my Drake
T4XB.   Now I have heard some say the T4XB did not have very good audio
itself but I disagree and feel it was quite good for the time.   However
with the Magnum Six in line I always got exceptional audio reports and one
could easily see the increased average RF output.   The reports indicated
both improved strength and audio quality.   Now the Magnum Six operated at 9
MHz and thus operated at RF frequencies not in the audio range.   This RF
clipper was not cheap but it was worth every penny.   I was never much
impressed with audio compression nor the RF clippers which converted back to
audio.   Perhaps TenTec has the answer though and if the reports are good
then I will purchase one.   Too bad it is not built into the O2 but an
improvement is an improvement!

     Now if only our mother ship could get out the update for the Orion 2
and Orion.   They are losing their place in the market to the K3 of which I
have one to assemble now.   I believe there are many features of the O2
which I prefer especially in the ergonomic area but it is hard to ignore
this K3.   It would be good to see TenTec come out swinging with
improvements to the Orions.   I like the remote pod, larger radio, meter
movement S meter, display and general performance of the O2 but heck
Sherwood is giving the thumbs up to the K3.   Come on TenTec lets show them
you can do better.   There are many of us like your products dearly.


                       73 Doug EI2CN

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