[TenTec] Omni 6 "lights"

Jim Goudie JAGoudie at comcast.net
Tue Feb 3 18:47:56 EST 2009

Ken and everyone out there...

I finally opened up the Omni VI and exercised all the connectors 
inside... and I haven't had the problem with the meter lights and 
LED's going "dark" since.  So, that problem seems to have been 
solved, but, my heart sank when I noticed that I had created a new problem...

I put the rig back together and now the audio was muffled, distorted, 
and signals were weak at best.  Then I discovered that the PBT 
control had no effect on the audio whatsoever.  So, I opened up the 
rig again, applied power, and poked around a bit.  Finally, I decided 
to try re-exercising the connectors going to the PBT control on the 
back of the panel.  When I turned it back on, I gave a huge sigh of 
relief.  It was working properly again... and continued to do so even 
after I put it all back together!  (I had visions of really messing 
things up somehow... :-()

Thanks for the help... and just wanted to report that it's working 
well, in spite of me...
Jim, AF3Z

At 1/27/2009 10:30 AM, you wrote:
>Hi Jim,
> > My Omni 6 has gone "dark" on me at times:   By "dark" I mean that
> > the light for the meter went off and the frequency display LED's were
> > off as well.  The rig continued to function normally... I completed a
> > qso "in the dark" the one time.  Turning the rig off and then back on
> > has solved the problem each time.
> >
> > I assume that it may be a relay acting up.
> > Am I on the right track?  Any advice?
> >
> >
> >
>      No, I do not think you're on the right track. The only relay in a
>Omni VI that switches power is a single pole relay. If it failed you
>would not have been able to complete a QSO. If the rig is still
>transmitting and receiving, I think that relay must be working. Maybe
>one of the connectors on the DC POWER INPUT BOARD, where the relay is,
>is getting temporarily "fixed" by the vibration of the relay. I
>recommend that you exercise all of the connectors inside the radio,
>particularly those on the , DISPLAY CONTROLLER BOARD (Sometimes called
>BLANKER BOARD, and the DC POWER INPUT BOARD. Better yet, use some Caig
>Laboratories De-Oxit to clean all of the connectors as you are
>unplugging them and plugging them back in. While you're at it, inspect
>for a possible cold solder connection to one of the connector pins.
>      The LOW LEVEL DRIVER/NOISE BLANKER BOARD has an interesting
>combination of functions included on it. Aside from the two functions
>that are obvious from the name of the board, there is also the regulator
>circuit that provides the +REG voltage to the rest of the rig, and the
>meter light dimmer control circuitry. If the fault were there it would
>likely only affect the meter lamps and not the LEDs. The signal that
>controls the LED brightness and the meter lamps comes from the LOGIC
>BOARD, goes to the LED DISPLAY DRIVER BOARD and from there it also goes
>to the LOW LEVEL DRIVER/NOISE BLANKER BOARD. My guess is an intermittent
>connection in the cable between the LOGIC BOARD and the LED DISPLAY
>DRIVER BOARD would affect both the LEDs and the meter lamps.
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