[TenTec] Digital on Orion II

John Simon jrsimon at ozemail.com.au
Tue Feb 3 23:52:12 EST 2009

I know this question may have been asked before but I can't find any 
reference to the answers.
My newfound friend, a TT Orion II, is set up for Digital work, ie PSK31, 
RTTY, Packet etc, I have all the correct conections etc and everything seems 
to work.  The manual gives little help though in the correct setting for 
digital work through a soundcard.  This radio is totally new to me in that I 
can modify any/all settings from A to Z and I'm learning all the time. 
Settings such as AGC, ALC, Audio Gain etc. So if some kind lads would advise 
me on some of their settings I'd appreciate the help.

                         73, John de VK2XGJ
Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring.
         So I go back to being me!

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