[TenTec] RF speech processors

Mike Gorniak mgorniak at genesiswireless.us
Wed Feb 4 17:29:34 EST 2009

It depends on what kind of ugly. If they are ugly in highly articulate 
ways,  it's the strongest signal. In case of a tie it's the one whose 
audio characteristics most closely match the frequency range that the 
(receiving station's) operator's ears are most sensitive to. Of course, 
if the signals are just plain ugly and distorted in ways that do not 
enhance intelligibility, the transmitting station does not get in the 
log book. This tends to keep most of them intelligible, even though they 
might not necessarily be pleasant to listen to.


Mike Gorniak writes...

>/ My experiences with being the one on the "other side" of a pile up
/>/ concur with this philosophy as well. It's the ugly signals that cut
/>/ through the clutter first. THEN, I can work the rest of the guys.
But what if all the signals are ugly?

Rick, KR9D

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