[TenTec] RF speech processors

Ron Castro ronc at sonic.net
Wed Feb 4 17:36:38 EST 2009

> It depends on what kind of ugly. If they are ugly in highly articulate
> ways,  it's the strongest signal. In case of a tie it's the one whose
> audio characteristics most closely match the frequency range that the
> (receiving station's) operator's ears are most sensitive to. Of course,
> if the signals are just plain ugly and distorted in ways that do not
> enhance intelligibility, the transmitting station does not get in the
> log book. This tends to keep most of them intelligible, even though they
> might not necessarily be pleasant to listen to.
> 73,
> Mike
> NM7X

Mike:  I think you just accurately described my old 4th grade teacher, Mrs. 
Slaughter!  My ears are still ringing 50 years later ;~)

         Ron   N6IE

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> Mike Gorniak writes...
>>/ My experiences with being the one on the "other side" of a pile up
> />/ concur with this philosophy as well. It's the ugly signals that cut
> />/ through the clutter first. THEN, I can work the rest of the guys.
> /
> But what if all the signals are ugly?
> Rick, KR9D
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