[TenTec] HInts for troubleshooting an OMNI D

Dave Lawley dave at g4buo.com
Thu Feb 5 02:46:31 EST 2009


I've come across this old posting from 2005, and my Omni D has the same 
trouble on 80m only. Before I go ahead and order a new crystal, can 
anyone confirm that this is indeed the cause of the problem?

Many thanks, Dave G4BUO

> bsd crystal?  All other bands ok/
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> Subject: [TenTec] HInts for troubleshooting an OMNI D
>> Intermittantly, while operating on 80m (sending or just receiving)  my
> OMNI D will fade out, with
>> the display simply reading 1.000.  Once this occurs, you can no longer
> send and receive.
>> Turning the power off momentarily, or changing bands seems to help, for a
> short duration.
>> This behaviour only occurs on 80.
>> Any ideas on where to start looking?  From reading the manual, I
> considered the VFO AMP board, although this is not band dependant.
>> Any ideas would be appreciated.  I can be contacted off list as well.
>> Thanks
>> Eric Thielking
>> NC2W

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