[TenTec] Ig drift on amps

Roy royanjoy at ncn.net
Sat Feb 7 11:49:56 EST 2009

"I seem to have a bit of Ig drift on the low bands, not so much if at
all on the upper bands.

I recently heard there can be an issue with one of the caps in the
tank causing this but didn't get any specifics on which one or what
to replace it with.

A google for Ig drift & the titan came up nil. Anyone have info to
help me out?"




Ig drift, and Ip drift for that matter on the low bands is, as noted by 
others, usually due to changes in capacity of tank padder caps from heat. 
Often times cheap, non-temp-compensated ceramic caps are used as tank 
padders. I have replaced mine with quality, compensated 'transmitting 
ceramics' or better yet with transmitting micas. Excessive drift 

73,   Roy,   K6XK

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