[TenTec] Ten-Tec used/demo gear list February 9, 2009

Ten-Tec Amateur Radio Sales sales at tentec.com
Mon Feb 9 09:24:49 EST 2009

Current as of February 9, 2009

The following is available as used equipment direct
from Ten-Tec. 30 day warranty, 10 day trial period, shipping
is additional. Exception: used linears warrantied 30 days
except for final tubes which carry no warranty. Used items
often sell quickly. Please make sure we have the item in stock
before sending payment. (800) 833-7373 8-5:30 Eastern M-F.

Ten-Tec takes trade-ins direct of modern used Ten-Tec gear on our used,
demo and new equipment.

We are now also able to take trade-ins of Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu
transceivers on Ten-Tec equipment via an agreement we have with The Ham
Station of Evansville, IN. Contact us via email at sales at tentec.com or
(800) 833-7373 or The Ham Station at (800) 729-4373 or 
sales at hamstation.com for additional details.

Transceivers, supplied with DC power cord and manual:

538 Jupiter original case color, green screen, no autotuner $1150
538AT Jupiter original case color, green screen with autotuner $1350
563/OPT3 Omni-VI factory upgraded to Omni-VI Plus $1250
564 Omni-VI Plus $1550
565AT Orion with autotuner installed $2500
588 Omni-VII, no autotuner $2050

Other items:

238 2kW antenna tuner, cosmetic match for Omni-VI $425
307C external speaker, cosmetic match for Jupiter $75
307G external speaker, cosmetic match for Omni-VI $75
705 desk mic $60
937 11 amp PS for Argonaut V $60

The following equipment is available as demo gear and
carries a 1 year parts and labor warranty, 30 day trial
period. What is a 'demo unit'?  Demos are units that have
been evaluated in one of the following manners: at the
factory or hamfests for display purposes, loaned out for
evaluation by commercial customers, or returns on our
30 day risk-free sales policy.  Shipping is additional.

238B 2kW antenna tuner $584.10
308A gold heat sink fan kit for Argonaut V $13.50
538 Jupiter, new black case, blue screen, no tuner $1435.50
538AT Jupiter, new black case, blue screen with autotuner $1705.50
566 Orion II, no tuner $3865.50
588 Omni-VII, no tuner $2425.50
708 deluxe desk mic, 4 pin conn $89.10
709A desk mic, 8 pin conn $62.10
711 table stand for 709/709A $13.50
963 power supply, 25 amp, switching $152.10
6000 Vector Network Analyzer $589.50

Stan Brock, WD0BGS
Amateur Radio Sales

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