[TenTec] TenTec] O2 output level with PSK aux in

Geoff Stokes geoff.g0byh at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 11 06:37:45 EST 2009


Not an O2 owner but here is my experience with O1.......

I am using MixW software with RigExpert SD, with the audio slider levels in
Windows XP set for about 50%, the "Aux" level drive settings to my ORION 1
range from 32 for 80mtrs to 75 on 10 mtrs. (Variation due to PA efficiency).
I use ORION in "USER 2" for digital modes and all settings can be sent to
radio by using Macro's within MixW, values which can be sent are Frequency,
AUX drive level, TX & Rx bandwidth, power level & RF gain. One PSK Macro for
each band.
I send (set) the ORION power of 100 and these "AUX" drive levels give 30-40
watts into 50 ohm (1:1) load, never have ALC indication coming on.
Have never found it necessary to run more than this level, and have worked
stations world wide.

For RTTY I use the ORION in true FSK mode and it will quite happily deliver
full 100 watts output, but normally make contacts with no more than 50-70
watts. Again have RTTY Macro's set up in MixW for each band.

Geoff  - G0BYH

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