[TenTec] O2 output level with PSK aux

Ron Castro ronc at sonic.net
Wed Feb 11 14:29:31 EST 2009

That is beginning to make more sense, although the sine modulation may 
indicate there is a hum problem lurking somewhere!  If you can't push the O2 
into ALC range, the output from the Navigator is too low.  Even if you don't 
want to run ALC in normal operation, there should be enough input to drive 
it there when everything is 'maxed out'.

         Ron Castro
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> Thanks to all for the suggestions.  On RTTY AFSK (basically a constant 
> carrier)I do get about 80-90 watts out on second measurement, with 
> Navigator set to max outputs.  The Navigator still seems to be a bit light 
> on drive for an Orion however.  Now, looking at PSK on a scope, I see that 
> it is not exactly constant amplitude when idling, as I had assumed 
> erroneously previously - seems to have a slow sine modulation envelope on 
> it.  I assume that's normal (?).   This could account for the lower 
> average power reading on the wattmeter in that mode.  When I set the 
> wattmeter to peak/hold, it shows close to 90 watts (by capturing the 
> peak).  Of course that's too much, but I think that explains some of the 
> discrepancies.
> N4BE

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