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Thu Feb 12 23:52:59 EST 2009

Got my 715 today, hooked it up and did several on air tests with a friend across town. After a couple small adjustments got it set. Very effective, good sounding punchy audio, from several on air reports. 

To answer Doug EI2CN, you turn off the sp in the transceiver. I am using mine with the Orion and the Heil Tentec Studio One mic.
So far it seems to be a fine piece of equipment both aesthetically as well as functionally. Can't wait for KP5

Steve W1DXH

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It would be most interesting to hear how this new RF Clipper is working with
the Orion and O2.    What settings are found to be best?   How is the
frequency range tailored?   Does one disable the internal speech processing
or still use it at a light level of SP = 2?   I am sure many of us are
interested in specific reports of its use with different TenTec radios or
even radios of other manufacture.  How much of an improvement is there
between the 715 and the O2 internal processor?  I will not get my processor
till summer when visiting the States but this is a must have for me if
reports are at all favourable.


73 Doug EI2CN

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