[TenTec] And STILL waiting...

Andre021 andre121 at t-online.de
Sun Feb 22 14:02:02 EST 2009

Hello to all,

the ICOM IC7800 is a very nice TRX and I have spend a lo of time with this 
radio. The IC7800 has a better display, the tuningknobs are much better and 
of course the finish is so beautiful. But what I want to do with a radio? I 
want to heare clear signals and i wan´t to have a good receiver, the 
transmitting is not the problem. So I have the choice between a nice looking 
radio and a radio with great performance and thats why I am using an 
ORIONII. You are still waiting for an softwareupdate but I don´t know why? 
The ORION is so much better than other radios and the TEN TEC People are so 
nice!!!!!! Have you ever send an email to YAESU ore ICOM when your TRX is 
broken and get an answer? By the TEN TEC folks you can be shure. I have send 
an FT100D to the Netherlands and I have never get an answer. After three 
month my TRX comes repaired back with no comment!!

sorry for my bad english


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Certainly the IC-7800 is a very nice radio with a lot of "creature
comforts", but for a loss of 15 dB of IMD performance, no thanks!

         Ron N6IE

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> Hiya all, my concern is with their not improving the NB, NR & AN
> performance or even seeming to care about it. They keep updating (in my
> opinion) trivial stuff such as a cursor on the sweep and minor agc tweaks
> etc. without addressing the more important stuff first. It's terrible to
> say this, but I am beginning to wish I had the $$$ for an IC-7800, as I
> have heard the NB, NR & AN functions are far superior. Sadly, I can.t
> afford $10,000 for a rig, so I guess I have the best I can afford, and
> it's paid for, so I will keep it for awhile. :) 73 - Todd
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