[TenTec] And STILL waiting...

Ron Castro ronc at sonic.net
Sun Feb 22 12:47:12 EST 2009

Certainly the IC-7800 is a very nice radio with a lot of "creature 
comforts", but for a loss of 15 dB of IMD performance, no thanks!

         Ron N6IE

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> Hiya all, my concern is with their not improving the NB, NR & AN 
> performance or even seeming to care about it. They keep updating (in my 
> opinion) trivial stuff such as a cursor on the sweep and minor agc tweaks 
> etc. without addressing the more important stuff first. It's terrible to 
> say this, but I am beginning to wish I had the $$$ for an IC-7800, as I 
> have heard the NB, NR & AN functions are far superior. Sadly, I can.t 
> afford $10,000 for a rig, so I guess I have the best I can afford, and 
> it's paid for, so I will keep it for awhile. :) 73 - Todd
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