[TenTec] And STILL waiting

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Mon Feb 23 20:16:15 EST 2009

Just out of idle curiosity, as I read all the kvetching and moaning...

Has anyone contacted Scott or Stan directly & asked what the story is?

Or called Ten-Tec on their Skype number?

Because, with all due respect, it sounds to me (and others I talked with at
the club hamfest yesterday) that outside of a reference to "the recent
email" (which, if it was on the reflector, I overlooked) last week, I
haven't seen anything that approaches or appears to approach a "guarantee"
that there was going to be a firmware update last week.

Now, please understand... I am not unsympathetic to the situation.  Far from
it.  And if -- IF -- a firm deadline or guarantee was actually made, and
missed without further explanation, then go right ahead and hold the feet of
the guilty to the fire.

But can we at least verify the facts before the trash talk gets out of hand?

Oh, and if any of the unsatisfied Orion or Orion II are interested, I will
gladly trade you even up for that TS-480SAT I won at the Breezeshooter's
Hamfest last summer.  I'll even throw in the narrow CW filter, the
8-pin-to-RJ-45 mike adapter, and my MC-60 mike to boot...

73, ron w3wn

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