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On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 12:09 PM, <john.brewer at us.schneider-electric.com>wrote:

> I own a fair bit of TT gear (Paragon, Omni VI+, Centurion,  Corsair II,
>  OmniC, QRP rigs, etc),
> but sadly I can no longer seriously entertain any idea of purchasing a new
> rig from them.
> I've watched the Orion I and II get launched with great promise and little
> follow through by
> TenTec, and to me they've lost all credibility regarding ongoing software
> support, updates and
> enhancements.
> I just can't deal with a company that, no matter how nice their gear is,
> treats their customers
> so poorly.  Yes, the service department is quite good, but that has no
> bearing on their
> misleading statements regarding software updates.   To treat customers of
> expensive items this
> poorly, is inexcusable.
> When the time comes to upgrade (soon),  I'll be sending a check to Aptos
> Ca, not to Tenn.
> John K5MO
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