[TenTec] And STILL waiting

john.brewer at us.schneider-electric.com john.brewer at us.schneider-electric.com
Mon Feb 23 14:09:04 EST 2009

I own a fair bit of TT gear (Paragon, Omni VI+, Centurion,  Corsair II,  OmniC, QRP rigs, etc),
but sadly I can no longer seriously entertain any idea of purchasing a new rig from them.
I've watched the Orion I and II get launched with great promise and little follow through by
TenTec, and to me they've lost all credibility regarding ongoing software support, updates and

I just can't deal with a company that, no matter how nice their gear is, treats their customers
so poorly.  Yes, the service department is quite good, but that has no bearing on their
misleading statements regarding software updates.   To treat customers of expensive items this
poorly, is inexcusable.

When the time comes to upgrade (soon),  I'll be sending a check to Aptos Ca, not to Tenn.

John K5MO

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