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There have been some comparisons to Icom radios.  Yes they are pretty and
complex with more buttons than any reasonable person could remember - only
out-buttoned by Yaesu.  I have owned several Icom radios from years back.
IC-745, IC-275H (2M), IC-R7000 (VHF Rx), and lastly IC-775DSP.  Every one,
without exception, had to be returned to the dealer or factory for repair
within the first month of use.  Various problems, from a broken encoder in
the 775, to power supply fault in the 745, synthesizer problems, etc. etc.
The 775 has been having failures lately with tuner motorsm SMD devices, etc.
It's an old rig but a good one, but the service centers have been challenged
to service it well.  I finally had to ship it to an independent service
house (MTS).  Meanwhile I bought an O2 for a look see.  I like it, but agree
that the NB doesn't work as smoothly as the Icom and tends to be more
sensitive to distortion caused by strong nearby signals.  But I still like
it on CW it is grand.

My opinion is Icom tends to dump their new products on the owners and lets
them test it, then repairs and fixes designs as needed.  I have heard (not
verified) that the 7800 has been plagues by final transistor failures in
early life.  So Icom is not perfect by any means, and maybe I am a rare
case.  But I don't appreciate having products prematurely dumped on me so I
can help wring the bugs out.  Maybe TT is deliberately taking the opposite
approach...take more time and try to get all the bugs out before releasing a

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OK... key here is that (a) the beta for the Orion II is completed, but (b)
it won't be released until the Orion update is completed, and (c) the beta
on that STARTED on January 19.

So... where did this expectation of a release last week come from?

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Hi Jack.....

Thanks for the comments.  As you know, they stated on their web site that an
update was scheduled for Aug/Sep of 2008.  Then in November, it was updated
to "this Fall" (08),and said beta testing had started.  In January 2009 they
stated the beta for the Orion II was tested and completed but would not be
released until the Orion update was completed and beta on it started on  Jan
19 2009.

I did write a very courteous letter to the President (Jack).  I included my
email address and phone number.  This was sent months ago.......no reply

73 John K4NP

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> Just out of idle curiosity, as I read all the kvetching and moaning...
> Has anyone contacted Scott or Stan directly & asked what the story is?
> Or called Ten-Tec on their Skype number?
> Because, with all due respect, it sounds to me (and others I talked with
> at
> the club hamfest yesterday) that outside of a reference to "the recent
> email" (which, if it was on the reflector, I overlooked) last week, I
> haven't seen anything that approaches or appears to approach a "guarantee"
> that there was going to be a firmware update last week.
> Now, please understand... I am not unsympathetic to the situation.  Far
> from
> it.  And if -- IF -- a firm deadline or guarantee was actually made, and
> missed without further explanation, then go right ahead and hold the feet
> of
> the guilty to the fire.
> But can we at least verify the facts before the trash talk gets out of
> hand?
> Oh, and if any of the unsatisfied Orion or Orion II are interested, I will
> gladly trade you even up for that TS-480SAT I won at the Breezeshooter's
> Hamfest last summer.  I'll even throw in the narrow CW filter, the
> 8-pin-to-RJ-45 mike adapter, and my MC-60 mike to boot...
> 73, ron w3wn
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