[TenTec] 422 HF Amp Input Low Pass Filter Board question

Bob McGraw - K4TAX RMcGraw at Blomand.net
Tue Feb 24 23:22:58 PST 2009

Just some quick tests on my configuration, Omni VII and Centurion:

80M    3500      1.7
80M    3900      1.8
40M    7000      1.5
40M    7300      2.2
20M   14.00      1.1
20M   14.30      1.1
15M   21.10      1.2
10M   28.35      1.3

Numbers are at 100 watts out of the Omni VII.  Do note that the TUNE 
adjustment on the amp does make and reflect changes to the SWR at seen at 
the radio.

Numbers look about right to me.  Doesn't give the radio any problems as I 
see.  Might change the length of the cable between the radio and the amp to 
see if it improves anything.  Collins requires some 11 ft between the 
transmitter and the 30L-1 amp.

Bob, K4TAX

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>I received a TT 422 HF Amp a few weeks ago.  Everything seems to work
> well but I found one problem that maybe someone can help me.
> When I go to 40 meters the SWR between the rig and the amp is about 2.2
> to 1 at 7.000 and down to 1.6 to 1 at 7300 KHZ.
> All the other bands the SWR is flat.
> The SWR is present even when I am on the dummy load.  40 meter antenna
> is flat.
> My Question is - Should I just order a new board from TT?  It looks
> pretty easy.  But before I do, I just wanted to see if anyone else had the
> problem and what was the solution.  and yes the 15/10 meter input board
> is installed.
> TU
> Joe K0BX
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