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Oh my gosh. All of these comments are so true. I did not realize how crappy by Orion 1 and Orion 11 were until I read all of these comments on the reflector. As a result, I boxed up both of these radios and set them in a corner until all of the promised updates were released. How could I have been so misled? In addition, I never realized how crappy my FT-2000D was until I read the truth in all of these comments on the reflector. So, I boxed it up and set it in the corner on top of the Orion 11. When will these promised Yaesu updates arrive? In addition I learned that the display on my FT-1000 MP Mark V was too dim, and the selectivity was inadequate, without a slug of additional filters. So, I boxed it up and set it on top of the FT-2000D. Maybe there will be an after-market update for this disappointing, hard-to-view rig. Then, I learned that my Omni VII was an inadequate transceiver because the sweep was sophomoric and, well, it was a rig for newbie’s and not adequate for professional amateurs. So, I boxed it up and set it on top of the FT-2000D, hoping for some TenTec upgrade. They owe me. Then, of course, I had a problem with my IC-7700 and had to send it back to ICOM service in Seattle. Obviously not ready for prime time. Fortunately, I was able to box it up and set it on top of my Omni VII before I suffered from the horror of trying to use such a crappy, refurbished radio. I went for my IC-7000 but, then, I found out on the reflector 
that the audio sucked unless I sent off my mike for some sort of retrofit. Phew, close one. Fortunately, I still had the box and I was able to pack it up until there was some sort of obligated update. Thank goodness I still had my Heathkit AT-1 transmitter and Hallicrafters S-38C. And, by gosh, I haven’t seen any informative bashing on the associated reflectors on this gear. So, I and my 6L6 are smoking my crystal-controlled, cw frequencies. There is no way I will use any of this other crappy equipment until I get the updates I demand and deserve.


By the way, I am taking down my new Dream Beam 36 and replacing it with a 20 Meter dipole. I learned that the spindles may break and Stepper never answers any e-mails. Just in time, I am sure. Back to reliable copper wire. At last, I am happy with my hobby. By the way, does anybody have a spare 40 meter crystal, or, possibly, a Gonset 2 Meter Communicator. I haven’t heard any informative updates on that fine piece of equipment lately.




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Well being a newcomer to TT I've only had my Orion II for about six months 
nd my second-hand Argonaut V for about four months, will that allow me to 
ave a say?
ell my main complaint=2
0is that my Orion II won't make my morning coffee for 
e,  nor will the Argonaut!
ut they certainly pull out the signals  and consistantly out perform my 
ther radios with similar antennae.

                        73, John de VK2XGJ
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 As a TenTec owner for 13 years, I dont't bitch; I chuckle.
 I am glad to see that folks have concerns, and want them resolved.
 Be patient; they will be resolved.


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 OK ok I know everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE,

 is "still waiting"   .. How many Ten Tec owners does it

 take to bitch repeatedly on TT reflector,

 answer---   ALL of them.

 Charles Harpole

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