[TenTec] Orion II - 2.041 XL is Posted

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Keep your current rigs as the future is firmware defined, updateable function radios.
I Have Collins and Drake...along with an OII...so I have the best of both worlds,

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There must be something wrong with me because my rigs aren't firmware
upgradable and I like them that way.  I walk into the shack, turn one
on and have a qso with someone, just like I did when they were new.
There must be something wrong with me because a rig that's in a
continual state of flux would drive me up the wall.


rob / k5uj

p.s. I'm sure TenTec would be all over the reflector with updates if
it weren't for the fact that they:

1.  Service decades of products
2.  Make and sell a full line of ham products which almost no ham
manufacturer still does
3.  Operate an injection mold business
4.  Operate a container business
5.  Design and build non-ham equipment
6.  Design package and sell a line of kits.

If all Ten Tec did was make a few ham rig kits they would probably
have a much bigger presence here.
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