[TenTec] 2.041 updating problem...need help

Jim M. jmiller1706 at cfl.rr.com
Fri Feb 27 17:22:27 PST 2009

Some things to check:
In MyComputer-System-Hardware Manager check the LPT and COM ports.  Right
click on the COM port you are using (the one associated with the USB to
Serial converter) and then click Port Settings tab.  Be sure it is set to
57600 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and hardware flow control.
Yours is behaving like mine did on the internal serial port before I went to
a USB converter by Dynex.  It might also be worthwhile to do a power reset
first (in addition to after you load the update) by turning off O2 power,
then hold down the LCK button under the Sub Rx buttons on the right side,
then turn power on.  You will see a "battery low" message, ignore that and
turn power off again.  Then hold down the Main Rx/Tx button the left side
and turn power on.  I also noticed different reset behavior if I turned
power on the front panel (with the DC supply already on) versus powering up
via the supply.  Seems to be some slight difference in reset behavior
depending on how you power up.  But again I think the O2 should start up
after the download gracefully after the download finishes without all the

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Hi all, I have been trying for an hour and a half to get my OrionII to take
the new program but the radio never shows the lines of code it's receiving,
It just shows the Flash memory mode screen / press any key to exit.
Meanwhile, The computer is showing that it's talking to the radio VERY
SLOWLY...like 10 to 20 lines of code every 5 minutes. but the radio shows
nothing. I am using a Rat Shack USB to Serial adaptor and have installed all
pertinet firmware. I have 3 USB ports on my laptop with 2 already occupied
with a mouse and audio setup, so I selected COM3 in the program. If I select
any other COM the warning that communication with the radio has failed etc.
Any suggestions of where i'm going wrong? 73, Todd - KT0DD
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