[TenTec] Centaur

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Mon Jun 29 14:48:32 PDT 2009

Great story, GM !!

Proves what my mother (an old battle axe type school 
teacher) always said... not every kid learns the same way 
the other kids do.

One thing I have learned from EVERYONE advising me ... it 
takes DAILY PRACTICE ... and that is, for me, very difficult 
as I am a "read once - so got it"  kind of guy...   and this 
requires a different method of learning and an different 
type of study discipline as you suggest.

Your advice about sending while learning makes perfect 
sense, and mirrors what others have told me.  I am part of a 
local group learning together, so we can practice among 
ourselves, and with experienced local guys without going on 
the air.

I have heard about the Code Quick program, and it has a 
solid following.   I am now using a Koch-Farnsworth method 
computer program, but the daily practice is my weakness, I 
get impatient and my mind wanders.   I play guitar rather 
well, but I have NEVER practiced that, either.   THIS calls 
for HARD WORK and daily routine !   Arghhhh !

Thank you for your story.   (and yes... educators have a way 
different view of learning these days!)

================  Richards - K8JHR  =============

geoffrey mendelson wrote:

  > Someone introduced me to a code course called CODE QUICK
and I was  able to pass the 13 wpm test in about two months.

once I  had learned code with Code Quick, I was able to use
his 35 WPM tapes  to get up to that speed.

the best way to increase you  speed is to use it,  ... practice
sending as you learn ...

> Once you get up to the point you can send CLEARLY, then 
you should go  on the air.


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