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 "It's a moot point anyway as  
there are no CW tests in the US."

Is this true?  I must have missed something.

Phil C. Sr.
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> On Jun 29, 2009, at 11:57 PM, Richards wrote:
>> Thanks guys...  actually I have yet to do any CW on the air
>> just yet...  still learning the alphabet and numbers...
> I'm a bad example. I'm mildly autistic and tried for 29 years to learn  
> code. I even got to the point that when I rode the train to work, I  
> took a key connected to a CPO and a headset and practiced sending  
> while I rode to work. This was around 1994 and the ARRL refused to  
> give me a sending test without a doctor's note saying that I was  
> disabled.
> Before you write me emails, the autisim diagnosis was a few years ago,  
> it was not normally diagnosed except in extreme cases in the 1990's.  
> The ARRL has since changed their policy and did not require a note for  
> a sending test or other accomodation. It's a moot point anyway as  
> there are no CW tests in the US.
> Someone introduced me to a code course called CODE QUICK and I was  
> able to pass the 13 wpm test in about two months. I would have taken  
> and passed the 20, but I moved here instead and did not have the time  
> to take the test before I left. My oldest son used the course after me  
> and passed the 5 wpm test
> in a month. He also did not persue it farther.
> I also had purchased Jerry Zilliack's basic code tapes and 35 WPM  
> "code words" course. The basic tapes did not work for me, but once I  
> had learned code with Code Quick, I was able to use his 35 WPM tapes  
> to get up to that speed.
> I don't like sending CW, I prefer to rag chew, and the operators on  
> this side of the world want to send "UR 599 HR  PSE QSL THX 73 SK" and  
> move on.
> So I recommend that you investigate Code Quick and use that to learn  
> code. It's important to understand that the best way to increase you  
> speed is to use it, so as you are learning the letters and numbers,  
> practice sending them. The telephone book is a good practice tool, try  
> sending that.  If you have any 2m activity around you, I'm sure you  
> can find someone who will work you so that you can practice sending.
> Once you get up to the point you can send CLEARLY, then you should go  
> on the air. If you are in the US, which I think you are, you will have  
> no trouble finding people to work you at 5pwm or even 3 if that's what  
> you can send comfortably.
> 73,
> Geoff.
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